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Peter Pan Training Partnership


Amandine Mouriere

Amandine is a freelance autism and learning disability consultant and an associate of the Intensive Interaction Institute. 

She has experience of working in a variety of settings with children, families and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism.  She has worked in schools, community centres and with families in their homes offering support, guidance and training.  Amandine works with families to help them understand the basis of Intensive Interaction, the techniques and how this can enable individuals to make progress with their social-communication, their emotional, cognitive and social development.


Lynette Menzies

 Lynnette is an independent Specialist Speech and Language Therapist, and a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. She is also an Intensive Interaction Co-ordinator and Trainer and an Associate of the Intensive Interaction Institute. 


Gina Davies

Gina is a qualified Speech and Language Therapist who turned her passion for communication development into practical and joyful intervention strategies for parents and professionals dealing with autism. She has worked with hundreds of autistic children in schools, nurseries and residential settings, and directly with parents, carers and families. 

As well as being an accomplished conference speaker and highly acclaimed practitioner in autism, Gina has established parent groups, social skills groups, language and communication services. She has set up and run programmes in specialist and mainstream schools, working closely within the educational framework.